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Jim Keller's Ravings

Watch Out for Hyperbole and Sarcasm

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Jim Keller
There's not much to say about me. I live in Fresno, California with my husband and too many animals. I started out my adult life as an actor, and then found myself working as video producer (specializing in educational content for NASA) before chucking it all in to go to grad school. I'm active in various political causes in what little spare time I still have. I decided to start a livejournal because I discovered -- while running a quixotic Congressional campaign -- that blogs are a very good way to keep people informed about what I'm up to without having to spend hours every day on the phone or sending the same basic e-mail to everyone. Hopefully this will help me keep in touch with all those people I haven't been so good about keeping in touch with, especially as my life goes through its inevitable cycle of "crazed / quiet / crazed / quiet."

About my "Thoughts for the Day" -- These are merely what I happen to be thinking about when I post them. If I am ever consciously quoting someone, I will put it in quotes, or at the very least include an attribution (e.g. "I think it was Sartre who said..."). However, a great deal of our knowledge and thinking comes from what we've absorbed from others, so I do not pretend, warranty, claim, or indemnify that all the thoughts are completely my own. I'm quite sure I'm unconsciously paraphrasing others. If you happen to recognize the source of what I'm saying, please feel free to post it in a comment -- I'd be very interested in learning it myself. All that said, if you're going to quote me, you're certainly welcome to do so, but please include proper attribution as opposed to pretending that my words are your own.

Copyright Notification: Public posts may be reprinted in their entirety (less comments, which remain property of the poster) provided my authorship ("Jim Keller") is clearly and unambiguously stated and this journal is given "first publication" credit. I request but do not require that you inform me if you do so. You are welcome to quote public posts in excerpt with proper attribution, provided you give your readers/viewers/listeners/etc. access to the complete article (through hyperlink, statement of the URL, reprinting, etc.) so they may have the full context of my statements. "Locked" posts are intended only for those readers to whom access has been granted, and should not be reproduced in part or in whole without my advanced, written consent.

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